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You may lose sight of it..

But you rediscover: it's in your nature to feel refreshed and whole. I'll help you gather yourself, for the purpose.

You may have been hurt, till you don't know what's become of the self you enjoyed. You can find it in yourself, alive and well, in a heartbeat.

Good approaches augment each other, old and new. Selected for "you and yours," they serve you in a kind, concerted way. We can sound this out in a no-fee consultation, so we're both sure I understand your needs.


Whether from one-time trauma or long-time strain, stress veils who you are. Life may be:

Flooded by 'reliving.'

Absent any mood.

Confusing or distracted.

Stymied by false starts.

At Odds..

Whether you rally or retreat, you may still face obstacles, inside & out. Conflicts may seem:

All too familiar.

Eerie or otherworldly.

High stakes--or none.

Fixed or immobilizing.

Set Back..

Whether by ill health, career or interpersonal loss, it may be hard to move on. You can feel:

Abandoned or betrayed.

Easily overwhelmed.

Unready to let go.

Unable to rebuild.

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Among My Searches

I turned to psychology after much study of Communication, Architecture, building, & Eastern disciplines. So I took well to nonverbal "messages," attention to the body, and Gestalt methods, its precedents & offshoots.

I'd spent my life with temporal lobe spells described by Dostoevsky. It's no wonder I was fascinated with state-dependent perception. Huxley speaks of it in "Education of an Amphibian." But he speaks for all of us, for all time, in what he terms perennial discovery.

I've followed work by Ernest Hilgard and researchers of dissociation. As in his Divided Consciousness, they help us see into the self to the hidden, "live" states of mind that create our many worlds. We come to recognize when we're thrown from one to another or sidle between them unwittingly. Then we can make good will & common cause. Why? Inner trust & belonging.


Frameworks like these make sense of therapeutic healing, and they make headway into problems (and therapies) that defeat it. They show us why our 'not-me' resources are so near--yet so vanishing when we look for them, we say they come from someplace else.

Proven Ways & Means

Models of character & splitting.

Personality as fixated attention.

Holistic views of development.

Projective imagination, as evoking unconscious experience and identity.

Ericksonian bridges and reframing.

Psychosensory processing & EMDR.

Defusing limbic 'fight or flight,' so it becomes a call to safety, not survival.

Good doses of feeling & reorientation.

Communicating in language you like.

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Therapeutic Plans

I'll enjoy learning your aims and how you envision therapy. We'll make our meetings serve the purpose. I'm on your side. I'll help you be on your side.

One focus may be a blow or a painful string of events. One may be situational, for problem-solving. In another, "I lose my way, and I don't know why." It's okay to be uncertain. There's something in you that knows the priorities that serve you now.

Therapeutic approaches can be adapted to (and chosen for) your constitution.

Your disclosures are confidential (with unusual exceptions I'll explain).

Illustration: Optical Studies, Leonardo da Vinci

Splintered Agendas

Within one healthy self, we find multiple viewpoints on the world, inside and outside our awareness.

You have some oriented to the present and others to another day. Yet each remains loyal to you in its way. Appreciate them all, even outmoded ones. You'll find them ready to change, to serve you in complementary ways.

Emotional sensitivities, traits, even physical symptoms prove to be relics of the past. This, we see easily. Yet what produced them then, produces them now. And it's willing to learn something new. This, we overlook when we think it's too late to change.

Tandem Agendas

One follows another to build upon it. As you take an interest in yourself, your curiosity will stir something else inside to take heart ande come to the fore.

We can welcome it like a bashful child.

Then something in you knows to foster it and give it a fitting "say" in the manifold, natural self.

You do your part in waking hours. The consolidation occurs on its own. That's why therapies help (when they can), and that's why therapists seldom know to give credit where credit is due.

Illustration: Studies, Leonardo da Vinci

Schools & Credentials

California Board of Psychology, 1990, Licensed Psychologist #PSY11532.

Medicare Provider OPL-115320.

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 1982-1987, Dissertation: Psychological Structure of the Complex Partial Ictus.

CA School of Professional Psychology, Postdoctoral Study, Neuropsychology, directed by Michael Shore, Ph.D., as individual respecialization, 1989-1991

Chairperson, City of Berkeley Commission on Disability, 1992.

Past President, Northern California Psychologists for Social Responsibility

President, Alameda County Psychological Association, 1997.

Stanford Univ, A.B. With Distinction, Philosophy, Communication, 1974.

CSLB, Woodframe Design, Lic 412464. UBCJA Framing Layout, Local 848.

Specialized Training

Traumatic Brain Injury, CSPP, UC, UCx

Clinical Hypnosis, David Cheek, MD, Somatoform Diagnostic Protocols

EMDR Intl Approved Trainings 2001-ff Society for Study..Trauma|Dissociation

Erickson Institute, Santa Rosa, Joseph Persinger, Ph.D., Tony Madrid, Ph.D.

Meditation. Enough said, for now.

Psychological Assessment, Objective & Projective, including the Rorschach.

Contract Positions

Psychologist, CA Dept of Corrections, CCCMS Intake Lead, CSP San Quentin, California Medical Facility, 2002-2005

Psychologist, CA Dept Social Services, Voc Rehab, Disab Eval Div, 1990-2014

Independent Medical Examiner, CA Employment Devel Dept, 1995-2011

Private Practice, Individual Therapy, Groups, and Couples, since 1990.


Writers and designers. There's more to it than habit. Enhance the craft and the inner process that evokes it.

Relationships from the inside out. One person's manifold self relates to another--or fails to--largely through the two sets of spontaneous self states.

Hilgard and others find something uncanny about the old and new in us: they're side by side. "Who I've been" may elude awareness, but none are fossils. They're observers, and they respond to events in the present day. Bring them to good will and common cause, & relationships may follow suit.

Meditation. Come start or refresh a practice. You may have mistaken it for a tiresome conquest or correction.

Therapeutic approaches. Who's susceptible to each new therapy? Trainers & trainees seem to think it's all about selling the practitioner.

eBooks & Books on Tape. I keep lending libraries, with a set of excerpts on Twitter. You're in good company!


Therapy hasn't worked out. The time wasn't right, or the mode didn't fit. There are better ways to tailor it.

Feeling out at sea. Much like our ups and downs, we have our ins and outs. Doubly in: hyperrealization (deja vu). Doubly out: derealization (jamais vu).

Feeling confused. We get disoriented in various settings, for reasons of mood or illness. Learn to speak for yourself when you hardly know what to say.

Chronic illness or disability. There's always an emotional overlay. Your symptoms & experience can change.

Memory problems. Come screen for impairment; "prune" (desensitize) unwelcome memories; reconstruct lost periods of time; and cope in ways that suit your personality and thinking.

Discomfort with Internet and mobile tech. Overcome aversions or excesses, to use it just enough. To the shy: bring a phone, even with no active plan, or take a "lender." To the preoccupied: free yourself.

Morning Doves brood, tree-top crows leap, in those breezy pines--all with a city backdrop. Crows come tumbling headlong, with boasts & pleas that speak for us.

They've long been silent & gone. I pause in search of a word. A crow murmurs it.


Insurance Accepted:

.. Medicare

.. Aetna, Aetna SHIP (UC)

.. Blue Cross, Blue Shield

.. Cigna Behavioral Health

.. Magellan, Kaiser/Magellan


Fee For Service:

.. Out of Pocket Rate by Arrangement

.. Payment Methods: Credit Card, ATM, SquareCash Mobile App (Transfer)

.. ACH Transf Chase, Wells Fargo, BofA

Contact Me: - - 510-548-4744

Morning Doves & late-day crows ride those breezy pines--right here, with a

city backdrop. We hear them, almost enough. What better way to clear the mind?